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Teacher Preparation & Certification Program (TPCP) Information
As a candidate, interns are required to complete 31 clock hours of field experience. This is obtained by shadowing teachers in the classrooms. Candidates must also complete a minimum of 150 clock hours of training prior to being eligible for employment, unless classified as a "late-hire".

Interns complete a one-year teaching assignment as a teacher of record. They receive the same salary and benefits of any first-year teacher in the same district.

A certified, trained mentor teacher who receives a stipend from Region 7 is assigned by the campus administrator to provide assistance and support. Administrative supervision from the district and from Region 7 is also provided.
  • Demonstrate consistent application of effective teaching practices and attain proficient or above on teacher evaluation
  • Demonstrate professional ethics and participate in a professional manner within the school community
  • Attend and satisfactorily complete all required Region 7 training
  • Complete all documentation and paperwork as required by Region 7
  • Complete all TPCP requirements
  • Pass all required state certification examinations
  • Receive recommendation for certification from campus administrators, field supervisors, and Region 7 Teacher Certification and Preparation Program staff