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Region 7 ESC 2019 Teacher of the Year Program
The Region 7 ESC Teacher of the Year program is affiliated with the Texas Association of School Administrators (TASA) Texas State Teacher of the Year Program, which honors 40 Regional Teachers of the Year, among which are two State Teachers of the Year (one elementary and one secondary), and four state finalists. These regional teachers represent each of the 20 Education Service Center regions in Texas. Every year, the Region 7 Elementary and Secondary Teachers of the Year applications are submitted to TASA for participation in the statewide program.
District superintendents and charter school chief administrators are invited to print and review the 2019 Region 7 TOY Program application linked below. For questions or additional information pertaining to the Region 7 TOY program, please contact Adriana Weems, Region 7 Communications Coordinator and TOY program coordinator, at or at (903) 988-6748.

Eligibility Information

Region 7 ESC TOY Program Application & Submission Guidelines

Submission Deadline: June 7, 2018 by 3 pm
Submit via email to

All of the following requirements must be met in order for a nominee's application to be accepted for the regional program.

Application Instructions

  • Complete the application packet, providing all requested information. Incomplete applications will be rejected.

  • Be brief and succinct in responses to essay questions, focusing on the most significant experiences and characteristics. Candidates who add a personal touch to their applications will produce stronger entries, as well as provide contest judges — who have a limited amount of time to evaluate each entry — with applications that are more readable and that highlight applicant strengths. 

  • Section I must be submitted on the form provided. Sections II-IV should be produced using your own word-processing software. Following the formatting instructions below. The result should be a clean, clear copy suitable for easy black-and-white copying and placement in a three-ring binder with other applications. 
  • Make sure the applicant, the applicant's principal, and the applicant's district superintendent (chief school administrator) sign the application.
  • Applications must be submitted electronically by the superintendent/charter director's office. Please contact Adriana Weems at 903-988-6748 if you have questions or concerns.
  • Include a color photograph of the applicant. Electronic ONLY (color, portrait orientation, 300 dpi, jpg format), suitable for publicity purposes (professional headshot such as a school photo). Please no cellphone selfies, PDFs, or Word documents with photos embedded. No photocopies or photographs of photos will be accepted.

  • Submit an electronic copy (PDF preferred) of the completed application form (Section I), the pages you create in your word-processing software to provide the information requested in Sections II-IV, and photograph, with required original signatures to Adriana Weems at Region 7 ESC by 3 p.m., Wednesday, June 7, 2018.This is considered the official entry, and any failure to meet this deadline will result in disqualification. 

  • Both applicants and their districts should retain copies of entry materials, as originals cannot be returned.


  • Section I must be submitted on the form provided on page 2 of the application packet. 

  • Sections II-IV should be produced using your own word-processing software. Start each section on a new page and include the section number and heading at the top. (For sections that allow for a multi-page response, repeat the section number and heading on page 2 and subsequent pages, adding “continued.”) 

  • Number all pages and adhere to the word or page limits specified for each section; additional pages and/or materials submitted will NOT be presented to the Selection Committee. 

  • Use at least 1-inch margins, a minimum of 10-point, easy-to-read type, and double space. 

  • The result should be a clean, clear copy suitable for easy black-and-white copying and placement in a three-ring binder with other applications.

Both the regional and the state program recognizes a Teacher of the Year in both elementary and secondary categories. Participating districts and open-enrollment charter schools may nominate two teachers - one in elementary and one in secondary education. Please visit the TASA website for the program overview and eligibility requirements.
Sample Applications

Below are several applications submitted by previous Region 7 winners that nominees may review so they may be familiar with a winning application.