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Digital Learning

Promotional Video

Improve your district, campus or charter school's communications efforts and better connect with your community using advanced multimedia marketing tools through Region 7's Promotional Video Services.  We offer hand-crafted, affordable promotional videos and webmercials that can be used in a variety of ways to increase community staff, student, parent and business engagement.  The product(s) you receive can be customized to length and content, uploaded to your website, used as TV spots, shared through social media and more.

Ideas for your videos include but are not limited to:
  • Show your students and staff in action
  • Tour school facilities
  • Communicate general information
  • Highlight academic, extracurricular or athletic achievements
  • Community, parent and business presentations
  • General promotional video for entire district or charter school
  • Program & event advertising
  • Communication toll for marketing campaigns (i.e. bond elections)
  • Fundraising events and activities promotions
  • Personal interviews
  • Recruiting and orientation videos
  • Overview of services, achievements, programs, etc.
  • Superintendents's messages
  • The possibilities are endless!
For information on how to get started contact:

Elizabeth Walker, M.Ed.
Digital Learning Assistant Director 
(903) 988-6924
Texas E. Reardon IV, MA
Digital Learning Specialist