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Scheduling in Renovo
Welcome to the Region 7 ESC Video Conferencing page. Below you will find all the information you need to schedule and attend a video conferencing session through Region 7 ESC. There are some changes for the 2016-2017 school year so please be sure to continue reading this page. If you have any questions about video conferencing please contact us.


Renovo Account

Each school district who is a member of the Video Conferencing Bridging Service or ESC7Net will have their own Renovo account to sign up for the distance learning sessions offered by Region 7 ESC. The account can be accessed by going here. If you need help accessing your account please contact us.


Room Options

When signing up for a session through Renovo for distance learning you will notice several different room options in your account. 

Zoom - Zoom is Region 7 ESC video conferencing to the desktop. The day prior to the workshop you will receive a link to access the meeting. Zoom can be used in the classroom by hooking it up to a projector or a single person can view the session on a computer. A hardwired connection is best when using the Zoom option.

Dedicated Units ­– These are your units that are in a dedicated room and do not move. Your district may have one or more listed. If one is not listed please notify Region 7 ESC.


Video Conferencing Calendar

On this page, you will find all the professional development* sessions offered by Region 7 ESC via video conferencing. The list will be updated when a new session is created. By clicking on the name of the conference,  you will be taken directly to the session in Renovo so you no longer have to search for them. Before registering, please check the session name, date, and MIS number to make sure it matches what is on your registration sheet. Region 7 ESC offers many of the same sessions at different times throughout the year.

*If you are looking for student events please visit our student events page. These are scheduled differently. If you have questions please let us know.