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Rosetta Stone Overview

Rosetta Stone® Foundations Silver product features include:
Language Training
Games & Activities
Mobile Applications 

Rosetta Stone® Foundations Demo

Language Training (Description above)

Games & Activities contains activities you can play by yourself or with a partner (Play and Talk icons), as well as stories you can read that are entirely in your new language (Explore icon). The content in these activities correlates with your progress in Language Training, allowing you to further reinforce and review the material you’ve learned.

Language Training App offers you the experience of the same speaking, reading, grammar, and pronunciation activities that you’re practicing in Rosetta Stone on your computer. A constant internet connection is necessary, as the progress you make on your mobile device will sync with your main computer. This app is available for the iPad, iPad Mini, iPhone, iPod touch, NOOK, Kindle Fire, and select devices with an Android operating system. Visit Google Play or the App Store and search for "Rosetta Stone, Ltd." to download the application. After you've downloaded the app, open a web browser on your device and sign in to your Rosetta Stone account; when you tap "Launch Rosetta Stone", the program will launch in the application.

With the Language Companion App you can practice your new language on the go! This application is available for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and select devices with an Android operating system. To start practicing with this application, visit Google Play or the App Store and download the Language Companion app. To sign in, enter your online portal, Rosetta Stone username, and password. Any progress that you make on this application does not sync with your online account, but it is a great way to gain extra exposure to your target language. Download the exercises and you’ll be able to practice and improve your new language anytime, anywhere!

*The mobile applications are available in all markets except: Cuba, Iran, Korea (North), Liberia, Myanmar, Sudan, Belarus, Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Somalia.

For the general overview by Rosetta Stone, please visit:
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Program Contacts


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