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Mission Statement
“The mission of Region 7 Education Service Center Head Start is to empower children and their families to be successful, by providing comprehensive services that meet and exceed Head Start Standards.”


Invest now, benefit later!

Region 7 Head Start is grounded in the conviction that high-quality early childhood care, education and family services pay off in a myriad of benefits to children, their families and society as a whole. The potential for learning is greatest during early years of a child's life, therefore, every possible learning opportunity should be provided to children at the earliest possible age.

The following core beliefs provide the foundation for our program:

• We believe that respecting diversity is one of Head Start’s strengths.  We respect children and families of all cultures, races and ethnic backgrounds.
• We believe that the early education learning environment, whether in the home or in a school, should provide a rich variety of activities that will foster Cognitive, Social/Emotional and Physical development.
• We believe that our program can be a catalyst for change as we partner with families and the community to provide social services geared to empower and bring about a higher degree of independence for low-income families.
• We believe that parents are the primary educators of their children and must be directly engaged in the program.
• We believe that each child should be given opportunities to develop to his/her highest potential.  We are sensitive and responsive to children and families with special needs.
• We believe in the power of comprehensive services.  Head Start strives to develop the whole child, addressing issues of intellect and education, physical health and nutrition, mental health and emotional growth. 

Program Goals

1. Promote opportunities for parental engagement, education, and empowerment.
2. Provide comprehensive, early intervention services to children and families, connecting home and school.
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