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School Board Awards Program

TASA created the School Board Awards Program in 1971 to recognize school boards whose dedication and ethical service have made a positive impact on the schoolchildren of Texas. This is an excellent opportunity to reward your hard-working, dedicated board members with the recognition they deserve.

Any Texas superintendent of schools who is a member of TASA and who has been serving in his/her current position since at least July 1, 2016, other than the TASA president at the time the awards will be made, may nominate his/her board of trustees by collecting and submitting data supportive of the criteria.

School boards nominated for the 2018 awards must be serving during the 2016-17 school year. Board members honored will be those who were serving when nominations were submitted.

Nominations due to the ESC by June 15, 2018.


Submitted materials must adhere to the following guidelines to make the contest competitive to all districts:
  • Entries are limited to one binder, folder, or notebook with 8.5-x-11-inch pages. Oversized materials will be rejected at the regional level.
  • Total number of pages must not exceed 60, excluding title pages and section dividers. Each page that contains information counts as one page; e.g., if information is included on both sides of a sheet, two pages are counted. Biographical information, including photo if desired, shall be limited to not more than one-half page per board member. Publication samples, such as newsletters, and documentary evidence shall count as only one page if attached to a page or inserted in a sleeve within the submitted entry.
  • Entries should be divided into 10 sections — one for each corresponding criterion — in the order that the criteria are stated below.
  • Audiovisual materials, such as slides or video presentations, will not be accepted.

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For more information:
Summer Stone, Communications Specialist
(903) 988-6972