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Business/Finance/Operations (BFO) Cooperative

Business Specialist Services
   This service is directed toward the business and financial operations and activities of districts and 
    charter schools. Services to be provided:

»    Information Services: including the Annual Tax Rate Survey, Enrollment Projections Services, and 
      the Sample Calendar 

»    School Financial Advisory Services:  Consultation on School Finance as needed with Finance 

»    Business Training Services: Including Investment Officer Training (IOT), Notary training, the 
      Financial Excellence Indicator System of Texas-Information about Educational Resources 
      (FEISTIER) training, web-based Foundation School Program system and the Financial Integrity 
      Rating System of Texas (FIRST) training as needed

Finance Specialist Services
    A Finance Specialist will help assist in the development and implementation of effective two-way 
    communication network among the Texas Education Agency, Division of School Funding, the 
    Region 7 Education Service Center and Region 7 districts and charter schools.

        »  A Finance Specialist will be available to assist districts and charter schools as needed
                    »  Activities of the Finance Specialist
                    »  Assist with the State Funding Calculations
                    »  Assist with the Utilization of State Funding Templates
                    »  Assist with Budget Development and Management
                    »  Assist with the Assessment of Financial Procedures in the District or Charter School
                    »  Assist with the Analysis of Financial Data

         »  Training
                    »  FEISTIER Program and Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas
                    »  Web-based System for the Allocation and Distribution of  State Funds
                    »  State Funding Templates

For more information:
Marvin Thompson
(903) 988-6830