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Child Nutrition Commodity Processing Cooperative

The Region 7 Commodity Processing Co-op is a service provided to area school districts and charter schools food service departments. Districts and charters who are members of the Region 7 Purchasing Co-op can participate in processing at no additional charge.

The processing of donated foods (commodities) from USDA allows schools to contract with commercial food processors to convert raw bulk USDA foods into more convenient, ready-to-use end products. The processing of USDA donated foods (commodities) provides many money saving and safety benefits for schools such as:

  • Helping stretch food dollars by lowering costs on center-of-the-plate items.
  • Increasing food safety by eliminating handling of raw product in school food service operations.
  • Effectively reducing labor costs and cash outlays for complex food preparation.
  • Facilitating the reduction of storage and delivery costs.
  • The convenience of Bulk USDA Foods delivered directly from USDA vendors to the processors of their choice

At least 70 products are reprocessed. Products that are most often reprocessed are:

 Basic USDA Foods
Processed End Products
(processed into)
Cooked crumbles, shredded pork 
 Beef  Charbroiled patties, crumbles, meatballs 
 Eggs Egg patties, breakfast burritos
 Chicken Fajita strips, breast strips, nuggets, patties 
 Turkey Turkey ham, breast deli slices, turkey crumbles 
 Flour, mozzarella, tomato paste  Pizza 
 Tomatoes Salsa, marinara sauce, meat sauce, ketchup 
 Potatoes Oven roasted, dehydrated potatoes 
 Apples Fresh Slices, apple sauce 

If you would like to participate in the Region 7 Purchasing Co-op and Region 7 Commodity Processing, please contact Geri Barrett at 903-988-6832 or Katie Chenoweth at 903-988-6778.