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Region 7 provides professional development in behavior and classroom management. The goal is to provide educators with strategies to create well managed instructional environments and to provide behavior supports for students with challenging behaviors. 

Training and support focuses on providing positive behavioral supports and services for students in cooperation with the Texas Behavior Support Initiative to address behavior issues at three levels: schoolwide  climate, classroom management, and individual student interventions.  In addition, this program offers training and support in the following areas:

•Teacher consultations and technical assistance – to assist in effectively managing student behavior in the classroom environment (upon request) 

•Collaboration with colleagues and districts - to develop appropriate accommodations of instructional activities and strategies to support students with disabilities in the regular classroom (upon request)

•Provision of Nonviolent Crisis Intervention (CPI) - a management system for de-escalating a potential crisis situation. Staff will learn to safely manage disruptive and assaultive student behavior.

• School Counseling:
Collaboration with school counselors in the provision of behavioral supports for students with disabilities. Counselors also have access to resources through the Social Emotional Learning website: 

• Support in in the areas of Rehabilitative Counseling and Social Work is provided by disseminating information related to community resources. In addition, personnel who serve in these roles may acquire CEUs through participation in designated professional development offerings.

Upcoming Events

If you have any questions regarding the following events, feel free to call or e-mail the program contact or the contacts listed when you click to register for any of the following events.

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