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Funding & Accountability Cooperative
Region 7's Funding & Accountability Cooperative was created in 2012-13 and continues to grow and provide expertise & guidance to districts and charters across Region 7.
Cooperative Advantages

1. Unlimited personnel from your district may attend the PEIMS Workshops at no additional cost, which include:
    New PEIMS Staff Orientation
    Fall PEIMS Student Data Review
    Leaver Data Validation Monitoring (for districts targeted)
    PEIMS Summer and Extended Year
    Several online webinars including Unique ID, TREx training, Beginning of School Reminder, Leaver Training and timely updates

2. Analyze and identify trends and potential problems that have financial implications for school district data and communicate back to school districts. Each district will receive a detailed 5 year data analysis report. 

3. Five workshops, specifically for Coop Members Only, are offered to create a school-wide team for data accuracy. These workshops will offer unlimited participation at no additional cost and will be targeted toward Principals, Assistant Principals, Business Managers, PEIMS Coordinators and other PEIMS related personnel.

Districts that Choose NOT to Join the Funding & Accountability Coop:

1. Will continue to receive phone support on attendance accounting/PEIMS related questions.

2. Districts may attend the workshops listed in Number 1 above provided at a cost of $100 per person. Only Coop Members will be permitted to attend the five specific workshops listed in Number 3 above and receive the 5 years of analyzed data.

3. Districts may view webinars at a cost of $35 per person.

How to Join

  1. Look in the Region 7 Superintendent's eAgreement notebook.
  2. Go to "Contracted Services Agreements."
  3. Choose 1 of 3 options listed below
  4. The prices for your district will be listed there along with instructions on how to join.
  • Business/Finance/Operations & Funding/Accountability Cooperative 10% Discount

  • Comprehensive Business/Finance/Operations/Funding/Accountability/OnDataSuite Cooperative

  • Funding & Accountability Coop

Region 7 strives to provide training that will target areas concerning funding issues, accountability concerns, and compliance to TEA rules and regulations. The accuracy of the district's PEIMS submission is critical and has a dramatic affect on ratings and funding. The lack of training leads to incorrect coding of PEIMS data resulting in loss of eligible funding or a time-consuming TEA audit review. The Funding & Accountability Cooperative provides guidance and valuable information to train district personnel so that your data is recorded and reported as accurately as possible to maximize funding.